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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Alaska Sheep Hunters Asked to Leave Goats at Home

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Fish and Game are asking several hunting guides who are planning on using pack goats for Dall sheep hunts this year to reconsider.

Using goats or llamas as pack animals in Dall sheep habitat could expose Dall sheep to serious or fatal diseases or parasites.

"Most populations of Dall sheep, mountain goat, and musk ox in Alaska have never been exposed to the infectious diseases and parasites of domestic animals," said Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen. "They will likely have little resistance if exposed to domestic animal diseases."

"Domestic animals are not intended to interact with wildlife species. They are fenced and intensively managed for food and fiber production," said State Veterinarian Dr. Bob Gerlach. "Domestic animals, especially sheep and goats, are adapted to several diseases and usually appear healthy even when they are carrying infections that can be deadly to wildlife."

Diseases can be passed though feces, urine, saliva, respiratory aerosol or exudates like crusts from skin or pus. These tissues, fluids or excrement can contaminate the environment and still remain infective for years.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Much Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth over Highway Bill

Although Alaska gets less than 1% of the money in the $286 billion highway spending bill, (a mere $940 million), Alaska has been singled out for derision.

Never mind that Alaskans have been paying more than their fair share to the Federal Government for more than 50 years. While few can expect any reasonable accuracy in the mainstream media, it is interesting to note that $2.3 million is slated for landscaping of a California freeway named after former President Ronald Reagan, an opponent of big government spending, just one of 6,371 projects included in the bill.

Mule deer, mountain lion sightings reported in Alaska

Interior residents are reporting varieties of wildlife that are new to the region, including mule deer, mountain lions and whitetail deer.

Here in South central, we have been hearing the call of Bobwhite Quail.

And biologists have heard about several mountain lion sightings in Tok and Delta Junction, though none have been confirmed.

According to the reports, mountain lions have been spotted on top of Donnelly Dome, on Clearwater Road, and in the Delta agriculture project, and one was glimpsed near Dot Lake between Delta and Tok.

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Troopers find body as they look for missing miner near creek

Alaska State Troopers found a severely decomposed human body Saturday in a remote area about 10 miles north of Talkeetna.

Troopers were searching from a helicopter for a missing miner in the area near Clear Creek, a tributary of the Talkeetna River, when they found the body shortly after 6 p.m.

The area is "rugged wilderness" full of mining claims, Sgt. James Helgoe said. He did not know whether the body was that of the missing miner.

The identity of the person is unknown, as is the period of time the person had been dead, according to troopers. The body will be examined by the state medical examiner.

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