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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Study Says Alaska food safe decades after nuclear blasts

Submitted by a reader: Three decades after officials detonated nuclear bombs under a remote Aleutian Island, a scientific panel has determined that fish and other wild foods in the area are safe to eat, according to a report issued on Tuesday.

Scientists warned, however, that regular monitoring is necessary to check whether radionuclides have begun seeping out of the cavities that were created when bombs were exploded at Amchitka Island from 1965 to 1971.

"All of the radionuclide levels that we found were well below human health standards," said Rutgers University's Joanna Burger, who led the study's biological analysis, but added "Amchitka is not a site that's going away. The contamination is (still) there."

Scientists also noted that radionuclide levels will remain low, barring a "powerful earthquake or volcanic eruption" that could speed up the release of contaminants into the environment.

It's a good thing Alaska doesn't have any powerful earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What could possibly go wrong?

I'd bet these tests were to scare the old Russia, in no small part.

Hey, does anyone have a link to the crazy nut scientist who wanted to 'dig' harbors in Alaska using Nukes?

11:41 PM  

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