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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's Funny, Laugh: Liquor, Guns, Ammo and Alaska

Submitted by a reader: "A machine gun isn't typically something you would think of packing when going fishing. Then again, most people don't expect to be hunted while fishing. We're packing up our fishing poles and waders in the rental car to go stand in a frigid Alaskan river when our host, my friend's uncle, pulls out the essential piece of gear: a very large gun. When a bear comes running, he warns, "Aim for the face and don't stop till the thing is empty." Bears are no joke to Alaskans; that is, until they maul and kill a hippie, at which point locals find it hysterical. When hundreds of thousands of salmon are running up Alaskan rivers, it attracts anglers worldwide. It also attracts bears. "Granola crunchers" also backpack here to camp out and become one with nature, and more than a few have been taken out, much to the delight of permanent residents..."

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