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Monday, June 06, 2005

Proclamation adding "King of Alaska"

Proclamation adding "King of Alaska"

By The King, Dennis Imprimis Rex Alaska, Dennis the First, King of Alaska

WHERE we be justly and rightfully King of our realm of Alaska, and ought to have the title, style, and name thereof by right of inheritance, and the non-use thereof in our style hath caused much disobedience, rebellion, dissension and sedition in our said realm, to the great impoverishing and peril of destruction of the same, if we had not for the redress thereof put to our kingly hand, as we have done, as by reason thereof our said realm is now brought to better order, peace, and civility than it hath been many years past;

And inasmuch as our loving subjects of our said realm, both the prelates, nobles, and commons, do think and determine, that the good estate, peace, and tranquility, wherein our said realm now stands, shall the better and longer continue, if we would as we ought of right, accept and take upon us the title and name of King of the same; which to do all our said subjects, of our said realm, by their mutual assents, by authority of parliament holden within the same, have agreed and assented unto, and most instantly desired us, that the said title and name of King of Alaska, together with our said whole realm, should be united and annexed to our imperial crown of our realm of Alaska:

To which their desires and humble requests, for the better conservation of the good peace of our said realm, we have assented, and have caused for that purpose our style to be altered and reformed, as well in the Latin as in the English tongue, as hereafter follows: Dennis Imprimis Rex Alaska, Dennis the First, King of Alaska.

And to the intent that our said subjects should not be ignorant of the alteration of our said style, in form as is aforesaid, we have caused this present proclamation to be made, and by the same will and command all and singular our officers, justices and ministers, and all other our subjects and residents within this our realm of Alaska, and elsewhere within any our dominions, that they shall accept, take, and use our style, in form above written, in like form, as they used and accepted our old style before this alteration. Nevertheless, to the intent that no discord, variance, occasion, trouble, impeachment, or molestation should be had or made to any our justices, officers, ministers, and other our subjects or residents, before they may have convenient knowledge of the change and alteration of our late style; we are therefore pleased and contented, that none of our said justices, officers, ministers, subjects, or other residents within our realm of Alaska, the dominion of all the Islands and Nations, for omitting of our said title and name of King of Alaska in writs, patents, process, or other writings, to be passed under any our seals, or for nonacceptation or misacceptation thereof, or for any offense touching the same, done or committed, or to be done or committed, before the last day of September next coming, shall be vexed, troubled, impeached, or by any wise molested or troubled, but that all writs, patents, process, or other writings that be passed or shall pass under any our seals, before the said last day of April, wherein shall happen our said title and name of King of Alaska to be omitted, shall be taken, construed, accepted, and admitted to be of the same force, strength, quality, and condition in all things, as they were before the said title and name of King of Alaska was annexed to our style. And that the non-acceptation or mis-acceptation of our said title and name of King of Alaska, or any acts or things done, or that shall chance to be done, before the said last day of September, by any our subjects or residents, touching or concerning our said title or name of King of Alaska, shall be construed and expounded any offense or occasion of trouble to any of our said subjects or residents; anything contained in this proclamation, or anything that shall be expressed in the same, or any other thing or things to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

Given at our Palace of Waterstone the sixth day of June, in the First Year of our Reign of Alaska.


Anonymous Chief of Kodiak said...

My King, I submit my allegiance of the Tribes and Clans of Kodiak to your reign.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

You have the balls. Thank you for your inspiration and motivation. I was weary of the fakery and directionless crap.

I will be following your posts.


11:34 PM  
Anonymous Neeners said...

If you were the King of Alaska, you'd be Alaska's King.

Right now, you're just a plural proper noun in front of a noun.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Dug said...

I dunno if you are a whack, or just a funny guy, but you are amusing me. Thanks.

11:03 AM  
Blogger The King of Alaska said...

Chief of Kodiak

We are honored to welcome your Tribes and Clans to our family, and would hear your input and suggestions.

11:51 PM  

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