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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Alaska Governor Signs Bills to Invest Oil Windfall in Alaska

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski signed the state's operating and capital budget bills at a ceremony in Anchorage Tuesday, investing part of the state's unanticipated $1 billion Fiscal Year 2005 oil windfall in K-12 schools and needed infrastructure around the state.

"We began this year with a clear vision to not only to craft a fiscal 2006 budget that meets our responsibilities to Alaskans, but to invest in the future of Alaska," Murkowski said. "We accomplished this with strong support for Alaska schools, a commitment to safe communities and a capital budget that puts Alaska to work."

"This budget represents a continuation of the commitment I made to Alaskans nearly three years ago to develop our resources, to develop our state and to build a better future for the next generation of Alaskans," Murkowski said.

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Anonymous Fark Boy said...

Wow. One billion dollars of found spare change for 600,000 people. Just think is the Alaski people got what they deserved, instead of the feral govmint stealing the lions share?

11:56 PM  

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