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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why A King?

I have been emailed with the question; "Why does Alaska need a King, and Why do you think you are he?" or words to that effect.

Have you noticed the fraud that is the election process? One or two rich people, supported by Big Business, two sides of the same coin, are your choices. Are you happy with that? I, and many others, are not. Who knows how many well-qualified candidates are running, but no one ever hears their names, or their positions. Are you happy with the government? Happy with a Judicial system that is obviously corrupt? Do you enjoy the plethora of inane TV shows and the accompanying advertising? Do you subscribe to the mass-produced mass-feed productions masquerading as TV shows and public service 'messages'? Do you feel that there is something else, something that is like a cut in your mouth that you just can't stop tounging?

We need someone who will lead us into the 21st century. Someone who does not kiss the asses of Big Business, of petty Bureaucrats, someone who will tell those who abuse their limited powers to pack up and get out by sundown. Someone who represents The People.

If you like things the way they are, then this is not for you. If you seek something new, a radical change, then stay tuned. I am not advocating a violent overthrow of the Government, I am proposing an experiment.

Why me? Read this blog, and you may find the answer.

King Dennis the First


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