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Monday, May 30, 2005



Here are some thoughts, ideas, and other materials for your consideration, but first some more background.

I have some experience in Remote Settlements. In addition to the various jobs I have had in villages in Arctic Alaska, I have been contracted to jobs in several other countries and have been far off the tourist track, if there was one. Also, in 1998, I contracted a job to design and implement a self-sufficient community here in Alaska, and act as 'front man', for a group who were worried that their lifestyles would be dramatically affected by Y2K or some other disaster. Don't ask for details, as I signed a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement. I have designed remote exploration and mining camps, and built one medium-sized self-sufficient mining camp. I have worked at many others.

I'm not going to give away every detail on this Blog, so that any hack can claim the work as his own. The problem is between telling enough to get you, the reader, interested, and keeping enough saved for those who are serious.

And if you are thinking that this is some sort of radical survivalist militia retreat, then you need to rethink. This is many things to many people: A place to take your family in a crises, certainly; A place to spend summers, or winters, or to get in some World-Class Fishing and Hunting, definitely; A place to move to after casting off the yoke of your oppressive and stressful work-to-pay-your-credit-cards-and-margins and live free, undoubtedly. A place of your own, where your voice will be heard. A true community, with fresh air, clean food and water, and the freedom to be yourself, to make your own way, and to be a success or failure based on your own actions.

I envision a community that diversifies at it grows. There will be those who will have much to learn, and those who have talents and experience. All will bring something to contribute and trade. Some will be artists; some will be farmers, growing fruits, vegetables, and livestock. Some will be builders, constructing stone and wood structures. Some will operate equipment: clearing land, building roads, keeping the airport and dock in good working order, mining natural resources; some will be supplying fish, game, and other wild foods or timber; others flying airplanes or driving boats that bring in supplies and carry out salable products. Some will be doing the job that they had before, such as management, technical trades, and other skills, only from a remote location, if they desire. The degree of change is up to the individual, and all will see how each is relative to the other.

This proposal is not for a primitive colony. We will have electricity, clean running water, rules and roads, medical and library facilities, a school, a community center, and communication both within and outside the community. Because we are starting with a clean slate, we can design the community as we see fit, and guide it as it grows. Thus, this is not a proposal for a 'commune', but instead something between and an amalgamation. We can expect hard work and growing pains, but we will draw upon the success and failures of those who came before us, and together, build something we can be proud of, profit from (either through personal growth, fulfillment, or progress), and be comfortable with.

If you are happy with the status quo, the way your life is, then this is not for you. If, however, you seek to challenge yourself, to grow, to live your dream, then I urge you to sign on.


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